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Draco's potential [09 Sep 2003|02:24pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Hey all!

I just joined and I thought I would throw a thought out there since my sister and I haven't been able to agree on it. Throughout the entire series Draco seems prone to want to brag about different things...how the Deatheaters know that Sirius can turn into a black dog, that Hagrid went to see the giants, how he manages to grab Harry's wand when Umbridge catches Harry in her office trying to contact Sirius and then later, Ron showing up with an unharmed wand.

My sister's point is that Draco is smart, and he wouldn't be prone to being a loudmouth and bragging all the secrets if he didn't want Harry and his friends to know. Kind of like secretly helping them in the last two books.

Just my two cents and I'm curious to see what everyone else thought.

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